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LILITH// Release Your Inner Wild Candle



A seductive, powerful and feminine blend of dragons blood, vanilla, patchouli, oak, jasmine, gardenia, heliotrope, and tuberose . Lilith is spicy, floral and a little sweet.

Often misunderstood and shunned, Lilith is there to empower us in all aspects. Lilith represents freedom, a rejection of tyranny, empowerment over your own body, sexual equality, sacred sexuality, independence, courage, willpower, the courage to stand up for yourself and your autonomy. Willing to go into exile in order to remain sovereign in yourself. 

Lilith shows us how to live our truth and reject all that is not. She reminds us that we are forever wild, beautiful, independent, and free.

Approx. 20 hours burn time

4oz of soy wax poured into a black metal candle tin with custom watercolor rose label. 

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