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Hypersthene Amulet




Hypersthene works with the root chakra and earth element to reconnect you to the Self, creating a sense of  safety, security and empowerment. This crystal is for those who feel overwhelmed by life stressors, worry and fatigue.  Hypersthene calms, soothes and grounds for those with excess energy, an overactive mind and anxiety. This crystal protects by shielding the wearer from external hectic-ness in a soft, protective bubble.

Handmade wire wrapped amulets are available in sterling silver or bronze. Pair this beauty with your favorite length chain or piece of leather. 

    Due to the natural state of these pieces, sizes and colors will vary.

    *All amulets are sold solo without the chain pictured. Pair it with your favorite length chain or piece of leather.* 

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