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#WildSageMuse Willie Rose

Hi! I am a special education teacher and an avid advocate for at-risk youth. After school; I run a tutoring program for teenage boys struggling in school; many of which are in the foster care system or live in poverty. As a fitness instructor and sports nutritionist, I also enjoy motivating and supporting people’s health and wellness goals in the gym.
My style is one that I’ve never felt could be easily defined. While it is idiosyncratic, it is also malleable. I enjoy learning and my life revolves around loving others. While a great deal of my happiness comes from caring and loving others, I’ve learned to take care of and love myself first so that I am best suited to love and care for others. A personal mantra that I follow reads: “you are worth the love that you give to others."  My personal mantra is connected to the incredible 2018 Wild Sage mantra; #AlignedIsTheNewHustle. In order for me to be my best, loving and caring self, I have had to learn to love and care for me so that my hustles can be beneficial to others. When it is beneficial, I am also happy, and so the circle continues. 
In 2018, I am inspired to continue to participate in daily routines that foster self-love, care and growth. I am also excited help others feel a sense of self-love through consistent growth in the seven dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and social. 

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My favorite products from The Wild Sage Collective are:

The Tigers Eye and White Wood Bracelet goes with everything, whether I am wearing my professional or athletic attire. As stated on The Wild Sage site: “A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra promotes strength and confidence.” This bracelet reminds me to be strong and confident in all that I do. My favorite thing about this bracelet is that I can rub my favorite essential oils on the wood beads. 

I am a huge fan of the classic Mala Making Kits. I have given Modmalas as gifts on many special occasions including birthdays, bridal showers and baby showers. Personally, I enjoyed the journey of creating my Modmala and setting my personal intention while making it. When I wear my mala, I am reminded of my intention or mantra and it helps me to recenter on a daily basis.

As I focus on my personal mantra and desire to spread love and light to others, I have so enjoyed having The Moon Deck. This tool has allowed me to practice self-love in a routine manner. My morning ritual now includes drawing a card from my Moon Deck to find focus and balance for the day ahead.

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