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At this time, Erica is not taking any new clients.

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Kind Words


 Our customers are an extension of our family, we value our relationship with each and every one and we are both humbled and grateful when they feel the same way about us. Here are just a few kind words that some of our customers have shared with our team.


Here are just a few kind words that some of our customers have shared with our team:

"I love using ModMala to do Mala making workshops with my yoga students! The workshop environment gives me an opportunity to interact with my yoga students in a different way and allows us a chance to bring the concepts we talk about in class off the mat and into real life. ModMala and The Wild Sage Collective makes it easy and appealing - quality materials, beautiful packaging, easy ordering and always on time delivery. The added bonus? A lot of loving energy and good intention infused into the making of each kit!! I won't consider any other brands."



"I heart the wild sage collective. The modmalas are the perfect gift for a friend going through a wonderful or hard life event. My favorite part of the jewelry is that everything is made with intention and you can continue that intention by adding essential oils."



"Erica and the team are so thoughtful and intentional in everything they bring! I have been part of a beautiful retreat, made Modmalas both on my own and also as part of an workshop at Sage Yoga, have purchased their incredible jewelry and most recently had a Reiki chakra balancing session with Erica. Every time I step into this space I feel nurtured, welcomed and loved. My heart is light every time I come in contact with anything Wild Sage Collective. I'm grateful to be part of this tribe of light workers."



"I’ve been teaching yoga for well over a decade now and have always loved integrating malas into my meditation, wearing them as a reminder of my intention, and giving them to friends who needed support. I remember when my teacher gave me my very first mala and ever since then they’ve always had a special place in my heart. Over the years I had seen several mala making workshops advertised and I was always curious about how to make them but knowing I am not exactly the ‘crafty’ type, the idea of making a mala or leading a workshop seemed out of the question. Then I met Erica, the founder of Modmala, who introduced me to her wonderful creation. Instantly, I loved the way the way in which the malas were presented and packaged, the sustainable materials used, and finally once I saw how easy it was to actually make the Modmalas, it was a no brainer – I simply had to lead a workshop and bring these wonderful malas to my students. And so I did and continue to do so. Not only did Erica provide me the Modmala kits for making malas but she also provided me with everything I needed to lead my workshops from the history and fun facts of malas, to ‘how to’ and quick tips so as to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most importantly students love their Modmalas. They support their meditation practice, provide inspiration and a reminder of their intention, and look beautiful complimenting just about any attire! Once again, working with Modmalas and Erica is an absolute no brainer!!"



"I love Erica and the whole WSC Team! Erica took so much time out of her day to read my chakras and listen to my story and struggles to design a custom made Mala unique to me. I so value this team’s huge heart and charity to others. Not only are they creating beautiful jewelry, there’s so much heart, soul, laughter love and light behind every piece made. Go check them out!"



"What a beautiful collective of women!! The Wild Sage Collective has incredible, high quality jewelry, mala necklace kits, services, and programming that leaves you feel so inspired.  Shopping through the website is easy, but make time to go see the store front and get a reiki from Erica Fullen. She is a gift to Columbus!!"



"Everything the Wild Sage Collective touches is magic!  I have seen first hand the love that is poured into each mala and piece of jewelry, the space that is created for the Wild Sage Journeys is safe and heartwarming, and finally the food that Rute creates is a beyond delicious labor of love!"



"Absolutely love The Wild Sage Collective! The team is incredible. Highly recommend popping into their Columbus, OH showroom if you have the chance to enjoy a free Chakra reading and explore all of their exclusive boutique gems. Get the most compliments from my arm party of Wild Sage chakra inspired bracelets and jewelry."



"Erica taught my group and I how to make Malas on many of my yoga retreats! In fact, I have the very first Mala Erica ever made:)! I now lead the classes on each of my ten retreats a year due to the guidance of beautiful, shining Erica! Mala making is such a beautiful meditative experience that facilitates a sense of calm. Our Malas become a reminder of staying present and continue to remind us of aspirations we set while making them. I start each day meditating on one of my Malas, setting the blissful tone for the day ahead, and wearing them to remind me to stay calm and continue to believe in miracles which present themselves quite often due to this practice! I especially love using them when I take my daily walks to just be:)

Thank you Erica for giving me this gift!"

-Helen, Yoga by Helen Retreats


"It was such an honor to receive this gem of a mala making kit. The sustainable hemp tassel and cord combined with the lovely smooth wooden beads and beautiful lotus charm created such a gorgeous, personal mala that I will treasure forever. Most of all, the meditative process of actually stringing and knotting the cord myself was a deeply grounding, mindful practice on its own. Getting cozy on my couch with some music, a glass of wine and setting my personal intentions made the whole process so special. Now every time I wear my mala or hold it during my meditation practice I will be reminded of the intentions and goals for deeper self-love, and confidence that I attached to it"



"I have the honor of regularly wearing 2 original Erica Fullen designs. They are beautifully hand crafted and I am regularly complimented on the pieces. Thank you for your work Erica. They are my absolute favorites!"



"I wear Wild Sage jewels when I need a boost - of energy, of thoughtfulness, of calm - not to mention they go with any outfit."



"I made my  modmala with the intention to bring Reiki energy and enlightenment into my life. To help empower and heal my voice and confidence."



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