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Boss Babe Bundle



A curated bundle for those of the divine feminine rising. This boss babe bundle is perfect for anyone calling in courage, strength, feminine leadership and empowerment. May you stand in your power and lead with the grace, joy and creativity of the divine feminine. 

Rebel Deck Boss babes need quick, accurate, straight to the point answers and this oracle deck does just that while weaving in some hilarious foul-mouthed wisdom.

Fluorite Point Rainbow Fluorite encourages focus, decision making and free thinking while clearing confusion and cluttered thoughts. This powerful stone works with the third eye chakra, air and water elements and is known as a “psychic vacuum cleaner”, clearing the negativity in your auric field and aiding in removing “ cloudy thoughts”.

Reiki Infused BraceletThis tigers eye bracelet is created and infused by Wild Sage founder + reiki healer Erica Fullen. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to stand in your power as you glance at your wrist throughout your day. Tigers Eye has been used by healers for centuries to promote strength + courage.

Nasty Woman Botanical BathNasty Woman is a rally cry that ignites our inner passion for equality and justice, uniting our voices on behalf of the collective well-being. Draw a bath with this botanical blend and be reminded of how powerful, courageous and resilient you are.


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