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Calm + Clear Bundle

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While it's seriously possible that everyone in the world could use this bundle right about now, this bundle is especially great for anyone feeling overwhelmed, stuck or anxious. Call in peace, calm and clarity with these 4 tools intentionally curated to manifest those qualities in your life. May a sense of peace immediately wash over you and follow you throughout your days.

CALMING SACRED MIST SPRAY Basically its like having peace + calm in a bottle. Spritz this blend of lavender and ylang ylang to soothe energy, bring peace, calm and aid in restful sleep.

NATURAL AMETHYST  Amethyst connects with the third eye chakra to enhance intuition, focus and clarity. This crystal calms the emotions and an overactive mind to realign scattered thoughts; keeping thoughts in line and on track.

REIKI INFUSED BRACELETThis magnesite bracelet is created and infused by Wild Sage founder + reiki healer Erica Fullen. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to breathe in calm every time you glance at your wrist throughout your day. Magnesite has been used by healers for centuries to calm the emotions.

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