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Full Moon Friday - June 14



June's Full Moon Friday session is a guided meditation all about finding connection and healing within our Patriarchal Lines. All of the men in your direct ancestry, whether through DNA or through lifestyle, paved the way for you to be here now and contributed to who you get to be in the world now. But humans are messy and relationships are complicated and none of us begin our lives free from the complications of ancestral baggage. We all pay the price and reap the benefits of the decisions of those who came before us, even those of us who are removed from the people with whom they share DNA . 
Full Moons are unique openings between the worlds, a time when there is extra light for our darkest places. 

On June 14th, bring your journals and an open heart to join Jenna Long for a guided meditation of connection, healing, and gratitude for the women in our Patriarchal Lineage.

When: Friday June 14th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: The Wild Sage Collective Upper Arlington, OH Studio

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