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Love Thyself Bundle



We know that self-care is essential and that self-love opens the path to receive love. This curated bundle is for those seeking love and deeper self-love. May these tools guide you to connect to all that really matters; love. Use these tools separately or create a bath ritual using them all together.

Venus Intention Candle - Venus, goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, desire, fertility and victory. Call upon her when you need to attract love for yourself or another, for creativity and for beauty. Light this candle and set an intention for love with her.

Self Love Bath Bomb - Draw a bath and get clear on the love you are seeking, then ask for it and watch the magick unfold. This bath bomb is made with all organic ingredients with essential oils of Rose, Orange, Geranium & Frankincense. Once dissolved a crystal charged under the full moon is revealed.

Heart Chakra Essential Oil - Anoint yourself with this oil blend specifically formulated to balance the heart chakra and call in unconditional love, acceptance and peace. A rose quartz crystal super charges this mindfully curated blend.

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Use this crystal to balance and strengthen the Heart Chakra and to attract new and self-love. Its nurturing energy can enhance romantic, family or friend relationships and bring a sense of overall peace. Carry it with you, place it in your bath or hold it during your meditation for full energy effects.


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