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Mini Shiva Lingam



Shiva Lingam is the stone of union, balance and connection. This unique and powerful stone connects with all 7 chakra and all 4 elements. Shiva Lingam aids in understanding polar energies such as male/female, light/dark, and spiritual/physical so that we may see that it is all one and connect with the medicine in understanding both sides. 

Shiva Lingam brings polarity within the Self together so they may work in harmony, bringing one to a state of self acceptance as well as acceptance of the differences in others and in all of creation.

Set on your desk, bedside table, meditation space, or carry them with you. This small shape is perfect to hold durning meditation or for use with a crystal grid. Use mantras like I am union, there is no separation, we are one, to deepen your meditation practice with shiva lingam. 

    Due to the natural state of these pieces, sizes and colors will vary. 

    Found in the Narmada River in India.


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