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Tea Ceremony - June 26th



“For thousands of years, before man formalized our relationship to the Leaf, there were just trees rooted deeply, extending out to the sky and Sages drinking out of cracked Earthenware, communing with this medicine. We start with bowl tea to connect us first to nature and the spirit of this practice. We start with bowl Tea to bring our awareness from the head to the heart. We start with bowl Tea so we can learn to listen. We start here because it is simple... Just leaves, hot water, and a bowl. In this workshop we will talk about some of the philosophical and practical aspects of Bowl tea, including what differentiates it from other ceremonies, the importance of ritual, how to hold the bowl, and simple techniques on serving bowl tea.”

Join us as we dive deeper into the lessons of bowl tea. Whether you have been sitting with the leaf for years or have never experienced tea ceremony, we will share some time together in silence with a conversation to follow. 
Kellie studied The Way of Tea with Zen & Tea teacher Wu De at Tea Sage Hut in Miaoli, Taiwan. As a student of the Leaf she continues to deepen her practice through ritual and connection. Let us share tea in the space of the heart!
For questions about tea ceremony please contact Kellie at or on Instagram @kb_hill. 
When: Wednesday, June 26th 6-8 pm
Where: The Wild Sage Collective - 2121 Riverside Drive, Cbus, OH 43221

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