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Wild & Awake - A Full Circle Goddess Training

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This training is sold out but email if you would like to be the first to know about the next Wild & Awake Goddess training.
Wild & Awake
A Full Circle Goddess Training
July 20th & 21st ‘19
August 10th & 11th ‘9  
September 21st & 22nd ‘19
October 26th & 27th ‘19
November 23rd & 24th ‘19
December 14th & 15th ‘19
January 25th & 26th ‘20
February 22nd & 23rd ‘20
March 28th & 29th ‘20
April 25th -  26th ‘20
Saturday & Sunday 8 am - 6 pm
Retreat Finale & Closing Circle May 22nd - 24th, 2020
Departing at 8 am Friday - Arriving back home at 8 pm Sunday
180 contact training hours, 20 outside exploration hours,  25 spiritual & business mentorship/support hours + 3 day retreat

The Sacred is Calling and the Feminine is Rising.

Women are being called to circle up, to sharpen their tools, to embody their powerful gifts, and to stand with the Goddess Rising. The world desperately needs you to stand in your Truth. You are Whole. You are Divine. You are Enough. This training experience is for anyone who identifies and is curious about the Wild Woman archetype that lives within each one of us.

A Wild & Awake Woman is empowered, free, grounded, unencumbered, honest, courageous, unapologetic, fierce, strong, nurturing, guided, wise, aligned with nature, sexually empowered and is not afraid to go deep diving into sacred soul work to break cycles of despair, grief, separation, wounding, judgment, terror, and imbalance. When women learn/remember/embody/ and show up in their power, honoring and sharing their many gifts, it has an incredible ripple effect.

In this training we will explore and uncover the many gifts we possess and embody as divine, spiritual, feminine beings. During our time together, there may be some things you will come to realize, you already know, there will be many things that you will start to remember. Set in the powerful container of a women’s circle, there will be an infinite amount of wisdom to tap into through thoughtfully curated, creative facilitation, and courageous exploration. We will develop, strengthen and sharpen our understanding of soul purpose and empowered embodiment.

The truth is, when women circle up, incredible, undeniable, powerful magic happens. This training experience will be some of the toughest work you have ever done, it will also be some of the most rewarding work you have ever done.

This training will empower you to:

-Guide others in yoga and intimate circle

-Feel empowered & prepared to step into the work of holding space for others

-Deepen your understanding of yoga and nature spirituality

-Build deep connection to the guide within YOU

-Enhance your relationship to nature, universe, and the collective consciousness

-Know what true spiritual sisterhood means and feels like

-Be an effective Council leader

-Move in rhythm with the seasons and the moon cycle

-Value yourself as artist and creator of your own unique path

-Experience deep healing

-Sharpen your existing tools

-Remember how electric Earth and We truly are

Space is limited. The sacred container we will create will be comprised of eight women and two guides.

Total Investment $3800 Paid in Full or (4) payments of $1000 (payment due dates vary per student needs). There is a screening process that must be complete before registering for this training. Registration ends June 15th. There will be no refunds once the training has begun. It is important all women attend each weekend scheduled including the retreat finale.

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